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Images of Young Fawns

Three fauns came to visit for the entire afternoon.

Here are some inspirational reflections.

'"Walk before Me and be perfect." (Gen. xvii. i.) Let everything recall to you the presence of God. If, for example, you go into the garden and see some flowers, ask one of them. What are you? It will not reply, I am a flower. No, but it will say to you, Ego vox - I am a preacher; I preach the power, the wisdom, the goodness, the beauty, the prudence of our great God. Imagine that the flower makes you this reply, and let it penetrate your heart and teach you a lesson of divine love.'

St. Paul of the Cross

'All that God gives us and all that He permits in this world have no other end than to sanctify us in Him.'

St. Catherine of Siena

A prayer. . .

Act of Love
 from the Small Roman Missal

As the hart panteth after the fountains of water, so my soul panteth after Thee, O God! "My soul hath thirsted after the strong, living God; when shall I come and appear before the face of God?" "For what have I in heaven? And besides Thee, what do I desire on earth?" Let blind and infatuated worldlings intoxicate themselves with the false, transient, and fading happiness of this life; for my part, nothing besides Thyself can content me, either in heaven or on earth. Come then, O Thou Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world! Come, Thou beloved of my heart! Adorable Flesh and precious Blood of my Saviour! Come, to nourish, comfort, and enliven my sickly soul. O God of my heart! Let me neither love, seek, nor think of any other object but Thyself alone; for Thou alone art my consolation, my treasure, my joy, my life, my all!

"My heart and my flesh have rejoiced in the living God... Thou art, O Lord of hosts! My King and my God!" "Who will give me wings like a dove and I will fly and be at rest!"



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Midway through Installing Touchkeys on the FP-90

The testing phase complete, I have begun the installation.

Before I detail that I'll talk about the testing phase.

In the testing phase, all the boards and sensors are hooked up in the proper order, and plugged into the USB connector on the computer, to be powered up and tested through the software.

I laid mine out on poster board, which proved convenient as it was strong enough to hold the laid out sensors, and convenient to move them to other locations out of the way, as I lack a lot of free surface space at this time.

The testing phase went well save for one hitch, in which the last board's sensors would only function once in a blue moon.

After some helpful advice from Dr. McPherson, and reading about previous installations on the Touchkeys group, the most probable cause for this appeared to be a lack of sufficient power from the USB port.

I spent a good deal of time fiddling around with possible solutions -- plugging the USB cable into all sorts of ports, and failing at s…

Fawns in the Rain

The fawns which visited not too long ago returned during the rains the other day.

There's flooding down by the river, but I am on a safe incline. I hope and pray the poor folks down by the river come out of it all without harm.

Finishing the Touchkeys Installation on the FP-90

Installing the Touchkeys sensor proceeds apace.

There are 88 to install, so I tune out a bit, balancing attention and daydreaming about composing better pieces than certain famous composers.

Eventually they're all done, and I am pleased with how properly placed they are.

I then begin pondering what occupied my attention last night.

Last night I removed the metal struts used as supports for the middle of the case. I have no plans to sit on my keyboard, so they should prove unnecessary. Hopefully there should be no issues.

In any case, the struts were severely in the way, and now they are gone. I will use the first pair of blocks of wood now that were too wide when they were there. I've decided to screw the wood in from the bottom to secure it, as my thinner plank proved not to adhere with hot glue.

I paint the planks too, as they were a little rough. After waiting for the paint to dry. . .

Mark two screw hole points on the wooden bridge, drill two holes, attach it to the keybo…