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Clouds from Yesterday


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Midway through Installing Touchkeys on the FP-90

The testing phase complete, I have begun the installation.

Before I detail that I'll talk about the testing phase.

In the testing phase, all the boards and sensors are hooked up in the proper order, and plugged into the USB connector on the computer, to be powered up and tested through the software.

I laid mine out on poster board, which proved convenient as it was strong enough to hold the laid out sensors, and convenient to move them to other locations out of the way, as I lack a lot of free surface space at this time.

The testing phase went well save for one hitch, in which the last board's sensors would only function once in a blue moon.

After some helpful advice from Dr. McPherson, and reading about previous installations on the Touchkeys group, the most probable cause for this appeared to be a lack of sufficient power from the USB port.

I spent a good deal of time fiddling around with possible solutions -- plugging the USB cable into all sorts of ports, and failing at s…

A few photos. . .

A few photos with the Tamron 100-400mm on the Sony A7RII.

It's a f4.5-6.3 lens, for the Canon EOS camera, however with the Sigma MC-11 adapter I was able to use it on the Sony A7RII. I took a risk there, new lens, just out, but it worked today.

I will test it out further tomorrow. [my amateur test results: normally can't recommend the combo due to limited autofocus at this point, otherwise it's very nice though] It's dark now. Only astrophotography is possible for the most part, if the good Lord parts the clouds. Might try some, but have some samples to work on from a txistu too which should be quite fun.

Thanks be to God for all His gifts.


It has been a little bit since an entry.

I am doing well with my camera and piano. I have sent back the Swissonic 88 keyboard mentioned previously, and now have in the mail a truly high quality keyboard, the Roland FP-90.

I look forwards to playing it, and writing down my impressions. It is a triple sensor keyboard, and so more expressive than others, you can replay a note after raising up the key just a little bit. The expressiveness is important to me.

It is a white piano too. So now not only the piano keys are white. I like to think of the sky pictures I take, and the floating clouds, and imagine them inside the piano keys.

The Sony A7R II is taking beautiful pictures still too, with the 90mm Macro lens, and the Tamron 100-400mm, both of which are splendid lenses. I have gotten completely used to using the latter properly as an adapted lens and think it, with my inexperienced view, a recommendable combination.

My health has had its ups and downs, while I rarely write about it, I f…