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Today my RME HDSP 9632 arrived in the mail from Poland.

The box looked like someone sat on it. But it was unharmed, and looked like new out of the wrapper, rather than a used product.

Works great. Best audio interface card I've ever had. Drivers did not blue screen me. Latency is the minimal possible, unlike earlier. Doesn't conflict with my other sound cards. Smooth sailing all the way.

The FP-90 now plays with an instant response when I a press key, the delay is a mere 1.60 milliseconds for input, 2.31 milliseconds for output.

Previously the best I could get with an old Soundblaster RX was 4.65ms/2.67ms, though sometimes I had to set the buffer higher to 7.42ms/5.33ms.

It's noticeable, and it affects how your mind has to work with your playing. The more the disconnect, the more mental work you have to do to keep the timing properly, and it does interfere with keeping it.

I shall be more happily playing the piano and other instruments in the future.

The Lord is gracious and kind and merciful.


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