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Finding a Piano

It's been about three months since I started taking up learning to play the piano. . .

While I say it's a piano, it's really just a keyboard. It at least has 88 keys, and a sustain pedal, and a very nice sound when it is plugged into the computer.

It's completely silent without a computer. It's a MIDI keyboard, which means it needs some extra support.

I really love the sound it came with when the computer is hooked up to it. It's sound is from the Sonivox Eighty Eight.

It's been splendid for my health to sit down and play.

I think I shall have to go and make a list of all the piano sounds I have been looking through.

I'm not endorsing anybody. . . These are all secular websites, so, surf with your filters and blockers up as is normal. If that's not normal for you.. find out why it should be.


A few photos. . .

A few photos with the Tamron 100-400mm on the Sony A7RII.

It's a f4.5-6.3 lens, for the Canon EOS camera, however with the Sigma MC-11 adapter I was able to use it on the Sony A7RII. I took a risk there, new lens, just out, but it worked today.

I will test it out further tomorrow. [my amateur test results: normally can't recommend the combo due to limited autofocus at this point, otherwise it's very nice though] It's dark now. Only astrophotography is possible for the most part, if the good Lord parts the clouds. Might try some, but have some samples to work on from a txistu too which should be quite fun.

Thanks be to God for all His gifts.